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Open Distance and eLearning (ODeL)

To enhance the provision of flexible and blended programmes, the Open Distance and eLearning department was established and operationalized in May 2014 in line with KTTC Strategic Plan of 2012-2017. The department facilitates other departments within the college to develop and implement open, distance and e-learning courses. In addition, the department offers short courses and consultancy services to our clients.

ODeL Mandate


  • Manage the KTTC eLearning platform
  • Set up and coordinate training at satellite campuses
  • Collaborate with industry and development partners
  • Coordinate design of instructional content
  • Coordinate development of interactive print and online content
  • Coordinate tutoring of Open Distance and e-Learning courses
  • Monitor and evaluate implementation of Open Distance and e-Learning courses
  • Quality assure content developed for Open Distance and e-Learning courses
  • Carry out research on Open Distance and e-Learning