ISO 9001:2008 standards

The office of the Deputy Principal in charge of Academic Affairs was created some time in September 2013 in line with the KTTC Strategic Plan of 2013 to 2017 which in turn had responded to the needs to offer quality service delivery in education and in training of TVET institutions. The office is in charge of the core business of KTTC which has to do with timetabling, teaching and evaluation.

The actualization of the Kenya Technical Trainers College (KTTC) vision and mission lies squarely on the shoulders of the Deputy Principal in charge of Academic Affairs, often, referred to as DP.AA. The KTTC vision is to be a first class institution in technical teacher education and technology, while the mission is to provide quality training in technical teacher education and technology by offering relevant programmes. How then do we actualize the vision and mission? It all starts at the time when students apply to come to KTTC; first and foremost they must meet the relevant requirements for admission. This helps to ensure that we admit serious students, who will be able to go through the course with ease, and that time tables, course outlines, class attendance and evaluation are as per the academic policy and ISO standard procedures.

To ensure that quality and relevant education is offered to our students, the Deputy Principal (AA) chairs the Academic Committee which comprises the Registrar, The Dean of Students, all Heads and Deputy Heads of Academic Departments. The Academic Committee is extremely important as the members spearhead new programmes and courses. Before any programme or course is implemented it must be presented, discussed and critiqued, and approved by the Academic Committee. Apart from that, the Academic Committee guarded by the Academic Policy and ISO procedures of teaching and evaluation has a role of awarding final marks to the students. In the Final Awards Meeting, all marks of students are presented, discussed and awarded. Whenever there are any problems affecting standards, the Deputy Principal in charge of Academic Committee guided by the resolutions made in the committee meetings takes action. The guiding principle of the Academic Committee is to ensure that standards are maintained and that only the best products are filtered into the field